My Class Sites

 In the 7 years I was at Pt England, I created 7 class sites.

Over the years the designs changed, and it was quite fun going back and looking them, seeing how they have changed and developed. 

I realise that most people wont have access to these sites anymore purely because they no longer can be navigated to from the Pt England School website.

Here is my 7 Class sites from over the years. As always if you see something you like feel free to repurpose, use, or steal. Please keep in mind some of these sites may have broken links or dead files, and if you come across them please don't let me know haha.









  1. Thank you Matt, I enjoyed looking at you site last year and getting ideas and wondered how I would be able to do this in 2021. Especially with changing levels and wanting to inspire my Y7 and 8 boys. I haven't learnt to think like a boy but having 3 of my own can usually understand them.


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