Distance Learning Programme

We didn't really have a clue what we were going to do when this whole thing started. Obviously we had the advantage that our regular programme has alway been framed by a 'break the 9-3 barrier' mentality. This meant that all of our regular learning and resources were already accessible and visible remotely. However this didn't mean that we didn't need a complete overhaul in our design thinking...

#Limit the links
This has always been an important concept, however even more so when the learners are 100% working independently from you.

We decided to redesign the way students accessed their learning from our class site. Traditionally we would organise our learning across multiple subject pages. This was logical, and has worked for us for a long time. However across distance learning we decided it would be best if all the learning was in the same place, and that it updated daily.
The thinking around this was that it would create a flow, and set work expectation for inside of that day. It also meant, that if you missed a day (or 3) you could jump straight in without any confusion.

Traditional class site layout

New class site layout 

We believed this 'daily learning' model suited our learners better, as they could manage their time to complete the learning for that day. Had we stuck with our original model, we believed more students would go with the procrastination model of having a big 'finishing day' on Friday (like we see in school time). This daily learning model, is something we are considering sticking with, once we go back to school.

A day was similar to this:

> Intro
Date and day
A short intro video of the teacher giving a brief intro to the learning for the day.
A list of scheduled Google Meet times.

> Reading
Text to read + Extension Reading
Questions for the text
Relevant Youtube Video

> Writing
Some form of writing activity

> Maths 
A problem solving maths task
Links to online maths activities (maths whizz etc)

> Chapter Book reading
A recorded video of the teacher reading the class chapter book

> Design or Inquiry task
Some other learning task that was usually interest based

Each task has a link to a Google form that students could 'submit' their work through after posting on their blog. This Google form would email the teacher whenever it was submitted. This helped with feedback and Teacher support.

One thing we noticed was how much work was being completed, as we got further into lockdown, our daily learning tasks became larger, and the amount of work being completed became more and more.