Anecdotal Evidence

I love anecdotal evidence. It's the 'feel good' stuff in an inquiry.

As my Year 6's are beginning to undertake their last round of testing for the year, I thought it would be nice to reflect on the other evidence I have collected surrounding their shift in reading, before I look at the "real data".

At the beginning of the year my class:
  • picked a book based on the cover.
  • did not care for or respect the books they were given to read.
  • found it difficult to sit and read for extended periods of time.
  • did not know the author of the book they were reading.
  • spent the majority of "silent reading time" trying to catch each others eyes or whisper to one another.
  • did not ever finish a book from cover to cover.
  • did not care if the book was too easy, or conversely too hard.
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Now in Term 4 my class:
  • picks books based on the author or on someone else's recommendation, or at the very least by whether the blurb sounds interesting to them.
  • place a great detail of care over their books and the class library.
  • enjoy reading for extended periods of time, and a large number have admitted to reading at home at night and in the weekend.
  • always look at who the author is, and want to know what else they have written. Many of my students exclusively read books my our "class favourite" authors.
  • only spend a small amount of "silent reading time" trying to catch each others eyes or whisper to one another. ;)
  • almost always finish a book from cover to cover. Although, we allow a 3 chapter test if we are unsure after the blurb.
  • use the 5 finger reading test honestly to check the level of the text. Some students still reach too high, but do so knowing they will need to read slow, and possibly re-read parts or pages.
I do look forward to seeing their academic progress against their formal tests, but I am more than chuffed with their growth and maturity in regards to a love of reading.

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  1. Hi Matt,

    You have made a great point about anecdotal evidence - this is something I could definitely consider more in my inquiry. It's great to see that you have inspired your students to read for pleasure; that is no easy feat! How are your students doing this term? It will be great if we could keep SSR going when they come up to team 5 next year.

  2. This surely is the feel good stuff and must be embraced. As the teacher you have every right to celebrate that you have observed the eye talk diminish while genuine reading increases. The thing I believe about reading is that once your experience enjoyment and success over successive books, you have the knowledge for life that reading is enjoyable
    Great achievement for your kids.


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