Presents - Growing excitement for books

In a bid to help grow the excitement for the books in our class library, I have been buying books on trademe. Instead of opening them up and putting them straight on the shelf, we have been opening them together as a "present".

It's something little, but the kids absolutely love it. We do a big reveal about which author it might be. Then there is a squeal of excitement, or the moan of disappointment. Normally I would have discouraged any type of outward disappointment to something like this (to teach gratitude), however I simply love how passionate they are becoming about books.

I have been trying to buy books at different levels. Yet there isn't a tonne of books for those kids reading at the 8.5 age range. I have the Dahl set, but still some of those are a bit hard. I think I'm going to look at comic books and graphic novels, and see if I can find sets of them at the right level.


  1. Have loved following your inquiry so far this year Mr Goodwin. A worthy investigation, looking forward to the next instalment.
    Juanita Garden

    1. Thanks Juanita! I thought you'd appreciate an inquiry on this subject :)


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