Authors - Growing the excitement for books

This year I decided to rename my groups. Rather than naming them after trees, landmarks, or even famous New Zealanders, I have decided to go with authors.

I chose these authors because I felt they were close enough to the levels within my class, and would also be of interest. While they may not all be my personal favourites, I have said otherwise to the kids. Claiming each of them to be my favourites, and promising to read 1 book from each author to the class.

I have had total buy-in from this. An unexpected consequence (although shouldn't have been a surprise) is that now the members of these groups all really want to read the books by 'their author'.
Had I expected this, I would have put more thought into which author went with each group, as I might have been able to level this a bit better.

Never mind, good thoughts for next time.