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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Basic Facts Practice

I shared a post earlier on this blog about the types of basic facts practice I was doing with my learners. I received some really useful feedback here on my blog, and one of the ideas that was sent to me has worked out really well.

Prototec Basic Facts Practice - Link to website here
This is an online worksheet generator. It is aligned to the New Zealand standards, which means it can generate a worksheet at the right level instantly for your learners. It also has two times table options if that is your current focus.

When they complete the test they are given their scores instantly, as well as the correct answers. I think this is great because the children who want to challenge themselves again and again to get 100% can do so, and it allows them to instantly see 'where they went wrong' and learn from it.

There is another option that allows the learners to generate a certificate. This is less useful for me as the teacher, because it does not give me any of the information. i.e. Addition 100%, Subtraction 90% etc. However the 100% certificate has proven to be a great motivator for my learners, something to strive for.

While I think Prototec is a great resource, particularly a time saving one for me. It has limited use beyond quick practice, or a quick snapshot of where the learners are at with Basic Facts. However in the case of my inquiry it is perfect for doing just that.

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  1. If you click the view test link on the certificate, top left, you can see the test that the child did. Certificates reference all the information.