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Bit of an update...

Last post I said my focus would be on trying new things, and I thought I would share the two new follow up tasks I have done so far.

Whats my number - Link
This task was copied adapted from Lisa Stickland's programme that I really liked.  Basically the students pick a decimal number of their choice, and show it in a various number of ways throughout the presentation.  It's not a problem solving task, but it's helping my students become more familiar with decimals.

Can I afford it - Link
This task is more cognitively challenging than the 'what's my number' task. It requires the students to figure out how many items they can buy, based on how much money they have to spend.  What's really cool is that it allows students who want to challenge themselves, a little bit more freedom to do so.  This task worked well, however it required a lot more scaffolding than I expected. It will likely be adapted further as I get more feedback from the kids.


  1. You have a great selection of generic templates that you have trialled and re-worked both in reading and maths. A valuable bank to be able to draw on and adapt for different number knowledge stages or texts. I really like the way you adapt tasks to match students' proximal zone of development with small alterations.


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