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Friday, 31 August 2018

Roald Dahl Box Set

Our class Library Shelf is continuing to be a success this term.

Out of all the books on the shelf, the most popular books by far had been the Roald Dahl novels. I think part of this enthusiasm can be attributed to me reading Matilda to the class, but to be honest I didn't care why Roald Dahl was the favourite, as long as they were queuing up to read his books!

From the Op shop I had found a few different books, but they seem to be the type of book that people hold onto rather than donate. I decided to try my luck, and ask the school if they thought buying some more Roald Dahl books (that I could then borrow for my class until the end of the year) would be possible...?


In fact the school bought us the whole box set! The kids were pumped. Almost every book was being read as soon as they were available.
What was really cool too, was the fact that now we had doubles of some of the stories. This meant kids could read the stories the same time as their friends.

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