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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Oral Language boost from DMIC?

Keeping up the basics

Throughout learning the DMIC process there has been a temptation to forget all that I have learnt in the past... I need to keep myself in check with this as some of things that I learnt last year in my inquiry are really important. They did work. They did make a difference.

One of those things has been basic facts. I understand that within the DMIC style lessons there isn't too much room for old school basic facts learning. However, learning everything that I did last year I don't want to throw away these lessons completely. 

I'm going to experiment with trying to fit them into other times of the day such as:
  • warm-ups
  • pack-ups
  • in-between times
  • end of day
The lessons I am referring to can be read here in my blog post almost exactly 1 year ago.

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