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Monday, 12 February 2018

A lesson Outline - Bobby Hunter

Here is a brief outline for a DMIC lesson that Bobby shared with us.

10 minutes : Warm up
- Do a problem from last term

5-10 minutes : Launch/ group norms
- Work as a family not a 'team' - this is not a competition, its more like a family working together
- Cooking a feed, where everyone pitches in. No one owns it, it's a shared product
Launch needs a good story

15 minutes : Small group activity
- in small groups tackling the problem

15 minutes : Large group discussion
- Sharing Solutions
- Exploring Thinking

10 minutes : Making connections to the big idea
- Connecting the learning to the big ideas
- Explicitly pointing out what was learnt

Teacher role: anticipate, monitor, select, sequence, connect

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