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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

New Year and a New Class

Last year I had the interesting experience of teaching almost the exact same group of kids as I did the year before. This had for me, it's own set of unique and positive challenges/ experiences.

For example (particularly in maths), I became very aware of the holes I was leaving in my own teaching. Rather than discovering gaps or holes in the student's knowledge or understandings, I was discovering in fact where I had left holes and gaps in my teaching programme... therefore causing the gaps in the students knowledge. I couldn't blame the last years teacher, because that was me!!!

This year I have not changed year groups, and therefore I have a new bunch of learners coming up into my class. I am both excited, and a little nervous about this. Teaching the same class 2 years in a row, was a very useful experience, particularly when reflecting on the content I was covering. I hope my new group of learners will be the benefactors of that experience, and I will check my self throughout the year to make sure I am covering all the content I should be.


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