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Friday, 26 January 2018

What is DMIC?

Today we were extremely blessed to have 'the' Bobby Hunter (Prof Roberta Hunter, Massey University) come to our staffroom to run some Professional Development with us.

In all honesty I felt a little bit nervous, when I found out she was coming in. Bobby Hunter had been heavily referenced throughout my Teacher Education, and her work made up a large chunk of literature review in my Honours Dissertation.

Often referred to as 'Bobby Maths', however correctly named DMIC (Developing Maths Inquiry Communities), Bobby introduced to an alternative maths learning approach.

Extract from: 
Massey University's booklet

In this ‘communities of mathematical inquiry’ approach
pupils work together to unravel a problem. Children are
encouraged to solve problems on their own, draw on
their cultural backgrounds and even speak in their home
language. And instead of defaulting to Westernised
examples when applying mathematical concepts, teachers
might refer to the weight of a taro, or dimensions of a tapa
cloth. This culturally-tailored feature is a major factor in
breaking down barriers that inhibit many from engaging and
achieving in maths, says Dr Bobbie Hunter of Massey’s
Institute of Education. 

I'm really looking forward to giving this approach a go, and am excited to get started.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

New Year and a New Class

Last year I had the interesting experience of teaching almost the exact same group of kids as I did the year before. This had for me, it's own set of unique and positive challenges/ experiences.

For example (particularly in maths), I became very aware of the holes I was leaving in my own teaching. Rather than discovering gaps or holes in the student's knowledge or understandings, I was discovering in fact where I had left holes and gaps in my teaching programme... therefore causing the gaps in the students knowledge. I couldn't blame the last years teacher, because that was me!!!

This year I have not changed year groups, and therefore I have a new bunch of learners coming up into my class. I am both excited, and a little nervous about this. Teaching the same class 2 years in a row, was a very useful experience, particularly when reflecting on the content I was covering. I hope my new group of learners will be the benefactors of that experience, and I will check my self throughout the year to make sure I am covering all the content I should be.