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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Testing - Class OnAir

Throughout the year I will be updating my Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir site with links to my planning, resources, reflections, videos of my teaching, and links to the learners work on their blogs. There are 7 Manaiakalani teachers from various schools and levels for you to check out. It's 21st century window into our classrooms. 
Check out the whole ClassOnAir site here.

Here's  a preview of my latest lesson.

Direct Instruction
The intention for this lesson was to provide interesting and engaging lessons/ activities that the learners can work on independently. During Term 4 there is always an increased amount of time that learners will need to be working independently while the teacher is busy testing. These lessons are intended to keep the learners engaged while working independent from the teacher.
See full episode here


  1. Loved the Usain activity. So simple. Hey so you're using a full on video camera on a bucket to get the shot of you up the front, right? What have you got filming the kids on the side? The sound is much clearer in the Usain segment than the second segment - were you wearing a mike then? Or picking out sound a different way? You have such a lovely natural way with the kids :)

  2. Pretty awesome Matt

    I would love to be a kid in your class! You are on to it for recording your students during athletics on your phone and then using it as motivation for writing further down the track! I was wondering if you've used flip it to pre-record some of your lessons? It's never the same as being truly interactive as we can all see in your movie but could possibly be beneficial during testing time? Just throwing it out there!

    Anyhoo, great stuff and hopefully you're enjoying a well deserved Xmas break right about now.

    Arohanui x