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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Gloss Results

Now that my target group is all tested for reports, it's quite interesting to see their Gloss test results. As you can see the results are quite varied. But there are some clues that suggest some things about my teaching and my learners.

Red: Negative Shift*
Black: No Shift
Green: Positive Shift

*I personally don't believe that it is possible for kids to go backwards in maths. More likely, when they achieved the stage last time they answered the question correctly, but still had some misunderstandings that lead to an incorrect answer this time. I see these students as only needed some consolidation to get back to the stage they were at.

Proportion/ Ratios
At first glance this looks like my leaners are strongest here, as there is only one student who has gone down a stage. To some degree I think this is accurate, and I believe this is partly due to the low level knowledge required for these questions. I also think that the E6 question on this test is slightly easier than other gloss tests, which if thats the case they probably aren't consolidated.

I also noted from this, that there is a clear ceiling. I wonder if I am giving enough opportunities to learn higher stages during class time.

Multiplication/ Division
No real surprises for me here. It just further confirmed for me what I already believe to be the problem. Majority of my learners who got stage 4, could answer the E5 question correctly, and confidently. However needed to rely on skip counting to get the answer. This was the case with some of my other students in the higher stages, right answer, wrong stage.

Addition Subtraction
The biggest learning for me from this was around Place Value. I need to revisit, and revisit, and revisit Place Value all the time.

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