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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Basic Facts

I have been inquiring this year into accelerating the achievement of my learners in Mathematics, targeting specifically those working below the national standard.

I have been developing some hypotheses about how I can best do this,  and one theory has come to light after discovering some of my learners were struggling with their maths knowledge. I first noticed they were struggling with new strategies but soon realised it was their lack of knowledge that forced them to revert to lower stage strategies.

I have been doing lots of new Basic facts work in class, but it got me thinking about what basic facts actually are, and whether worksheet-esk activities were the best way to learn them (which is what I had been doing).

I found this great PD Resource for basic facts on the NZ Maths website. It has a really clear way of explaining basic facts, and ideas for helping learners both to understand them and value them.
Check it out here

Examples of Definitions

I really like the idea of explicitly teaching the inverse relationships of basic facts. i.e. if you know "this" then you know "that" sort of thinking. 

Credit @NZMaths

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