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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Strategy Vs Knowledge

As I identified in an earlier post I have come to understand just how important it is to my learners to be learning Knowledge and Strategy at the same time and level in maths. The more I read and engage with the Numeracy Development Project Books ("The Pink books"), the better I am understanding how to do this in my teaching.

The data I received from my learners out of their PAT maths test shows me that many of my learners who are working below the national standard have a noticeable gap between their knowledge, and their strategies. It also confirms for me what I have been seeing in group work, where their lack of knowledge is holding back the acquisition of new strategies, or using them successfully. So I continue to hypothesise that my learners are not acquiring or retaining maths knowledge.

Here are the test results from one of the Year 6 boys in my class, you can quite clearly see his gaps in Number knowledge. You can also see that he is capable of achieving higher level Strategy questions, which makes me think he could achieve more of these questions if his knowledge was keeping up.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Hypothesis - Not retaining basic facts

In my inquiry, I have noticed that for a group of my learners there is an obvious gap between their strategy and their knowledge in maths. This is evident in both their test results, as well as the time that I see them during group learning.

I hypothesise that has to do with my learner's ability to acquire and retain basic facts. If I can help them learn more of their basic facts, and build their maths knowledge then this will free up energy and brain power helping them be more successful on higher level problems.