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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Final Reflection: Spark-MIT

Last year I had the privilege of working on a professional inquiry with the support of Spark and Manaiakalani, as part of the Spark-MIT programme. My focus was on lifting the motivation and overall engagement of our boys in writing. I learned a lot over the year, and am already putting much of what I learned into practice this year.

I am starting a new inquiry this year in Maths, however this does not mean my inquiry into writing is by any means over. This year we will be doing more recount writing (rather than a narrative focus as per last year), which will surely have its own challenges.

The new cohort of Spark - Manaiakalani Innovative Teachers had their first session at Spark-HQ this week, and I have to admit I was very jealous as I saw the troop leaving in the car park on Monday morning. Best of luck to them, and another BIG thank you to both Spark and Manaiakalani for the opportunity last year.

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