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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Why a maths Inquiry?

By the end of my first year in teaching I would have said that Maths was my best subject. However, as I have inquired into my practice throughout the years, I have worked very hard at upping my game in both reading and writing:

  • An Honours dissertation with the University of Auckland in Reading 
  • And a Spark-MIT inquiry into Writing

Because of this, I believe both reading and writing are overtaking my maths teaching, and so we have come FULL CIRCLE! Therefore this year I am going to be inquiring into my maths programme!

One area I think I can target for improvement is the rewind ability of my teaching, and therefore the usefulness of my maths follow-up.  However, I don't want follow-up to be the main focus as I have looked into this before. To begin with I want to use an app called Educreations  and record my maths teaching so that my learners can access my teaching after their group lesson has ended.
I also want to try and create cross domain understanding by making connections with past/current learning i.e. Add/sub to decimals, and mult/div to frac/prop/ratio.

Our whole school is focussing on Maths as an inquiry this year, which means we will be doing extra PD in maths as a whole staff. I'm really excited to be able to learn from and inquire alongside my colleagues throughout the year.


  1. Hi Matt, popped by your blog to see what changes you have made to your teaching practice to help further your learners in the area of maths! I'm intrigued to see if using the app Educreations will work in my class as it has for yours. Thanks for the idea!

    Natalia N Ly

  2. Talofa Mr Goldwin,

    I too noticed the same issue when looking and thinking about my maths data and teaching and the big push in the teaching of Reading and Writing over the past year. Purposeful follow up activities have been a biggie for me too and being new to Manaiakalani this year, I’m really excited to be able to make the learning experiences for my students accessible and rewindable through the use of Educreations. Any tips before I get started?

    Your times tables rap - EPIC! Such a great idea! I’m looking forward to using this with my kids!



    1. Educreations is a great way to make learning rewindable. You can either do it as a live instruction as you teach the lesson or work with a child, otherwise you can create the Educreation from home in your own time that will support them in the class.