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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Innovative ways to share writing on our blogs

Now what?

 I felt like my inquiry hit a bit of a wall. I spent a lot of time in the beginning finding out what my learners wanted and needed from writing. I have explored various ways of chunking learning into bite sized sections to try and appeal to the boys. I have developed templates that has helped stop a full piece of writing seem to daunting. I have even looked into how the physical space of the classroom can be manipulated to suit the needs of the learners.

What I haven't looked at is how to innovate the way that writing is shared on student blogs. It seems a little bit odd to spend so much time innovating ways to increase boys motivation and engagement in writing, when the act of sharing the writing remains boring and unappealing to the kids. As a teacher I have a very biased view of a 5 paragraph piece copied and pasted onto a blog. I can skim read the the title and introduction and get a feel for the quality. It took a comment from another teacher for me to realise that learners piece of writing copied and pasted onto a blog post, is actually a pretty boring blog post unless you want to read it. For students looking at each others blog posts, writing posts are the least popular because you can't consume them lazily. It takes effort to read a long blog post.

So I spent one of my Spark-MIT release working with 5 of my learners to create ideas and examples of more exciting possibilities for sharing our fantastic writing pieces on our blogs.


 Here a few examples if you want to check them out:
Flow chart
Book blurb 
Read aloud section
Annotated Photos 
iPad Movie