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Monday, 16 May 2016

Re-writing stories in Comic book form

Just because it's reading follow-up doesn't mean they can't write!

As part of our term inquiry into sequential art, and comic books my learners are re-writing journal stories in comic book form. This simple task has many scaffolding qualities that will support their own story telling later in their own writing.

There are plenty of comic book creators out there. I have been using an Arthur one on PBS Kids, but I have looked at also using this Marvel one, and Make Beliefs Comix.

Learners simply replace characters from the story with characters on the Arthur comic site. Depending on the length of the story learners re-write certain scenes or pages.

Best bit, is the kids love it!

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Comic Books - Narrative writing

This term as part of our Art based theme we are learning about sequential art. The art of telling stories through images, and in it's most common form Comics!

Naturally this topic has so far greatly interested the boys. However more exciting to me, is that it gives me a chance to encourage my boys to tell stories and to create stories in other forms than just traditional writing.

Suddenly I have this arsenal of writing activities that my learners are excited to create and work on. Often activities are disguised and leaners aren't even aware that they are writing!

- Character descriptions
- Writing about problems
- Writing about relationships
- Dialogue between characters

On top of writing as a subject, due to the nature of this inquiry my learners are learning and thinking about story telling in more subject areas.

I am hoping this topic will help to create a NEED to get better at writing. To inspire (boys in particular) to WANT to improve their writing, in order to tell a BETTER story.

I'm really looking forward to this term and how I can use the inquiry topic to inspire my learners in writing.