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Monday, 17 August 2015

Teacher Inquiry: e11even

Bit of an update...

Last post I said my focus would be on trying new things, and I thought I would share the two new follow up tasks I have done so far.

Whats my number - Link
This task was copied adapted from Lisa Stickland's programme that I really liked.  Basically the students pick a decimal number of their choice, and show it in a various number of ways throughout the presentation.  It's not a problem solving task, but it's helping my students become more familiar with decimals.

Can I afford it - Link
This task is more cognitively challenging than the 'what's my number' task. It requires the students to figure out how many items they can buy, based on how much money they have to spend.  What's really cool is that it allows students who want to challenge themselves, a little bit more freedom to do so.  This task worked well, however it required a lot more scaffolding than I expected. It will likely be adapted further as I get more feedback from the kids.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Teacher inquiry: No. 10

One of the greatest parts of inquiring into our own practice this year, is having the chance to share and hear from our colleagues,

What I've discovered after our latest inquiry meeting is that it's very easy to get lost in your own little teaching bubble.

...And its been brought to my attention that for a long time now, I've been concerned with 'perfecting' ONE type of follow-up activity with my class, and haven't even really considered the option of trying other ones.

Now as I write this it sounds absolutely ridiculous! hahaha. 

Although I have multiple other tasks my students do as part of their maths follow up, the 'problem solving task' that has featured heavily on this blog has been the only real 'HOT' task that I have been working on.  Reflecting now, I think that because the task is able to be adapted easily to what ever we are doing during our group lessons, perhaps I haven't noticed that its the same style of task again, and again, and again.  However I'm suddenly horrified that perhaps my learners surely have noticed, and how BORING is that!?

So I have a new goal in my inquiry at this point;

TERM 3 = Trying some new things.

To start me off I was very lucky to hear from Lisa (another teacher in the school), who has shared some of her examples.  They are awesome! I can't wait to adapt them to what my own class is doing, and at the level of my kids.