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Monday, 20 April 2015

Teacher Inquiry: Post number 4

At the end of Term-1 we shared our inquiry with our colleagues in a short presentation.

I chose to share my learning as a presentation that showed the evolution of the problem solving activity I have been working on. I thought this was a good way to show how my thinking changed throughout the term, and how my learning changed the way I designed the follow up task.

Here's the slides from my presentation.

It was really great to get feedback and ideas from other experienced teachers about what was possible to do as follow up maths activities in a digital learning environment.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

GAFE Summit

Had a great time at GAFE summit this year in Auckland! Saw some great sessions and learned heaps!

Was my first time presenting this year too, had a blast. Thank you to everyone that came to mine and Karen's sessions, and thanks to all the feedback we received.

Met some great people, and made some great connections.

Here's the presentations we gave, feel free to email or tweet me any questions you have about the slides or our sessions.

Here is our Visible Learning slides from our first session.

...and here is the HTML slides from our second session.