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Monday, 23 February 2015

Teacher Inquiry

This year at Pt England we are all beginning inquiries into our own teaching practice.  I have chosen to look at follow up maths activities, or "Developing independent tasks that require higher order thinking to increase cognitive engagement in maths" ...for short.

I have chose this idea because it is something I feel I could do much better from last year. I want to know what are some activities kids can be doing that are cognitively engaging when they aren't working with the teacher. Also, how can I facilitate this in the classroom without impairing my precious group teaching time.
Some possible steps I have outlined include:

  1. Networking online to find out what is being done for higher order thinking tasks.
  1. Visit other classrooms/schools to observe the impact different learning tasks have on student learning and engagement in maths.
  1. Use Khan academy model for students to create rewindable learning videos.
  1. Develop learning  activities that focus on problem solving and creating.
  1. Make students’ learning more visible (what they have learnt).

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to seeing what you trial and how different learning activities or processes keep the learning going when students are away from the teacher. Please share any links you find to interesting practice elsewhere.