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Friday, 23 January 2015

Commonwealth Games Topic Site

Last year one of our integrated thematic term units was called 'Game On!', based around the Commonwealth Games, which was on at the time.

This is a Google site I made for our learners, and in particular for my literacy groups.  The site was linked to our main Class site, and students were encouraged, and given time to explore the site at their own pace and to their own interest.   Site here

 It mostly contained a small amounts of information for each country, but also had some history on the games, and information about the different events.

The actual purpose of the site however was not to teach the students about the Commonwealth Games (an added bonus), but to provide an engaging space where students could explore different parts of the world.   We found our students to have a limited understanding and exposure to different cultures around the world. Therefore we focused our literacy inquiry around different cultures around the world, and this site acted as good base to refer back to.  Particularly when it came to even locating the country!

Because Countries and there Continents was a key part of the learning for the site, I attempted to make the globe as interesting as possible.

I came up with the idea of making the globe an interactive map, where by clicking continental shape, the site would link to a new page.

Interactive Map
This was done in Google Draw, where I drew invisible shapes around the continents, and attached hyperlinks to each shape, which would then take you to the relevant pages on the site.  By embedding it into the site as a 'Google Drawing' instead of an 'image' meant that the hyperlinks still worked once they were live on the site

I also wanted the students to feel like they had contributed to the site themselves.  So in pairs, students created multi-choice questionnaires for each of the countries on the site, and shared the answers on their blog.

End of year Reflection

As a wrap up for our first year in the MDTA programme we recorded a reflection video at the end of last year.  We reflected on our experiences and learning within the programme, as well as our own unique situation's in our own schools.


Here is my reflection video, as well as a link above to a google site I made, summing up some of my learning this year in the MDTA programme as well.