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Thursday, 19 June 2014

MDTA interview

As part of our MDTA PLG we were learning the techniques and styles for shooting and editing interviews. As part of our learning we all had to record and edit our own interview about the MDTA programme.

I personally found talking in front of the camera difficult, and I was quite critical of myself.  I think it is the type of task you could repeat a hundred times and still not be happy with it.

But alas, this is my first attempt at an interview style video.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Using Quicktime for Screencasting

Quicktime Player on your Macbook provides everything you need to be able to start screencasting, its free and very simple.

- Open Quicktime Player

- Select 'File' - 'New Screen Recording'

- From the drop-down menu off the grey square you can access your choice of microphone, quality, and mouse clicks.

- From here click record and your screencasting.

Tip: Give it a couple of seconds before you start talking, or you may get your intro cut off.